Andrea is happy to size any of her rings up to 3 sizes at no extra charge. If a ring needs to be altered more than 3 sizes contact Andrea for advice, it may be better to make a new ring the correct size. Choose the finger size carefully because if a ring size needs to be altered more than once normal ring size charges will apply.

Choosing the right ring size can be difficult as your fingers can vary by up to a size due to a number of factors such as the weather, exercising or even the time of the day. When a ring fits correctly it should be comfortable to the wearer, be firm but not uncomfortably snug when hands are warm and not too loose when hands are cold or wet. A wide band will need to be a little bigger than a ring with a narrow band.

Ideally your ring should be measured by a professional to ensure that you have the most accurate sizing. However this is not always possible, particularly if the ring is a surprise

Use the ring size guide and conversion chart on the right to help you with sizing your ring.

Please note that in NZ we use the British/Australian Sizes